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Uplift the spirits of your bar with attractive and festive decanters. Add style and elegance to the atmosphere with intoxicating whiskey decanters aptly selected to meet your personal needs. Place your fine wine in exotic vessels to enhance the spirits. These stylish containers augment the wine room. The collection of decanters listed is not cheap but funky. Check out some mind blowing collection at that can make your sideboard appealing and wine tasting fun.

Tyrol decanter may not be the cheapest but is definitely the funkiest. It comes in 750 ml capacity and lies horizontally. It maximizes the appeal while aerating the wine surface. It can add new flair to your wine and other alcoholic beverages.

Omega is exhibited elegance. It offers all the weight a whiskey decanter need. Go ahead and impress your friends and family with this exotic decanter. These are thick glasses and have the ability to hold up to 1.4 liters of any intoxicant. It comes at a price of £52.

Nothing can beat the shape of Menu. It is of swish Scandinavian origin. It comes with a 1.5-liter capacity. It is beauty with brains. The base of the decanter is purposefully broadened. The plonk is open to aerate at good speed. The lips are specially designed to ensure there are no spills. It comes at a cost of £60.

Want some room for your beverages, try Sagaform. It comes in a two-liter capacity and comes with channeling similar to 1950s starlet. It has a curvy silhouette to add to its grace. There is no glass stopper but instead, you can find a wooden stopper that facilitates movement of air. It comes at a price of £23.

Boris is a square-shaped vessel that comes with strong square lines. It is of 1.4-liter capacity holding sherry or whiskey in style. The design is sure to add glory to your drinks cabinet. It is priced at £56.

Art Deco Decanter comes in a classic deco design and is conical in shape. The highlight of the decanter is the black and yellow stopper. It adds to the personality of the decanter. It is priced at £74.

All black cut in crystal is truly an eye-catcher. The John Rocha Black Cut is true to its name. It is made of Waterford crystal and comes with a capacity of 1.5 liters. It has a Hollywood touch to it and is a glamorous delight for those who crave for grace and finish.

There can be no better design than the Amadeo. Shaped like a swan it is pleasant to the eyes and is innovatively designed to meet your personal needs. It is designed to fall in love. The graceful lines are marked with superior craftsmanship. It is priced at £300.

One cannot take their eyes off this masterpiece. The Grey Diamond is intricately carved in glass and is a stately possession for gentlemen. It comes with a glass stopper to add to its sophistication. It is priced at £61.99.

Resting on the side, the techno is a treat to watch. It comes in one-liter capacity allowing maximum breathing for the wine. A nickel handle holds it in place.

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Different Types Of Igloo Wheeled Coolers You need to use coolers whether it may be a small get together, party, fishing trip or a sporting event. It is not a big thing to keep your food and drinks in ice cold temperature but retaining the same condition of the food is the difficult task. If you are not particular about the temperature of the food items or need to maintain the temperature only for the shorter time then you can prefer any cheap coolers in the market.

You must choose the right coolers if you want to maintain the temperature of the coolers for longer periods or even for a couple of days. You can prefer igloo cooler wheels type when you need the same temperature of the food for an entire day. Here are the reviews of several models of igloo cooler wheels and you can pick the right one based on your requirement.

The igloo coolers are available in various sizes and you can definitely pick the right sized coolers based on your need. Igloo Yukon Cold Locker is insulated in 3-inch polyurethane with a gasket lid and the body of the cooler has 2-inch insulation. It is sure that the food items kept in this cooler stay cool. It has specialized locking system that makes the food contents safe.

Igloo Quick and Cool Cooler is a very popular cooler that you may see in many parties and events. You can choose either 100 quarts or 150 quarts based on the size you require. In this cooler, the ice retains the same temperature for an entire week. Another advantage in this cooler is you can quickly access your food items and prevent too much air from escaping out of the cooler.

The next igloo cooler type is Igloo Maxcold Ultra Roller Cooler. It is familiar for its wheels. If you need to transport your cooler often then this is the best choice. The wheels of this cooler are very convenient and durable for constant transport and it is easily affordable. It is available in 40, 50 or 60-quart option and you can choose this when you want a portable cooler.

You can store the foods and drinks for maximum for four people and it is completely fit for a small family. You can plan for a weekend trip packed with the required food for your family members in this cooler. You can start your trip on Friday and return back on Sunday. The ice remains in the frozen state till Sunday.

Igloo Iceless Thermoelectric Cooler is an iceless cooler and you don’t have to change the ice on a regular basis. It is an expensive cooler because of the thermoelectric mechanism. It is available in 26 or 28-quart size. You should not place the warm items inside the cooler because it takes the minimum of 25 hours or longer to make the warmer food to cool down. You must run the cooler for few hours and then store the food items inside. You must also be aware that if you placed the cold soda inside when it is running, it makes the soda very cold.