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You must have a well-fitted blazer in your wardrobe collection. Do you face difficulty in choosing a fitted blazer that looks perfect for your body? Then the below tips will help you in selecting a right blazer for you. You can wear a blazer for many types of situations. Blazer can give you professional appearance for a job interview or you can get a sleek fair and trendy look when you go out for dating. The poorly-fitted dress will give you bulky look and you must be careful when choosing a blazer.

You must understand your unique shape so that you can get sexy blazers. You can attend the different fashion shows so that you know the current styles and trends. The 63rd edition of London Fashion week was conducted in February 2016 showcasing various collections to buyers, international press. You can visit the website–London-Fashion-Week-Facts–Figures to know more about the event.

People with a straight shape which means the bust, waist and hips are in the same line. The key element to finding the perfect blazer is to select a blazer that lies exactly at your waist to make a good hourglass shape. Another advantage in straight shape is you can try playful colors and patterns. The lace fabric of the Ponte blazer is eye-catching model and the single-button will give you the narrow-waist look.

Pear shape means, hips will be wider than the upper body and you should avoid blazers that sit exactly at your hipline since it makes your hip looks longer. It is good to choose the blazer that sits below your helpline. You can also pick blazers with unique notes on the top of the dress like wide piping or lapels on the collar and grab the attention of the onlookers.

Inverted triangle shape people will have wide shoulders and it is tough to find the perfect blazer for inverted triangle body shape. If you have this body shape, you must select less or no shoulder padding as this will highlight only the size of your upper half of your body. The less structured fabric or flowing fabric material will also give softer look to your body.

The apple shape women are rounder through the mid portion and don’t contain much waist definition. If you are an apple shape women, then it is good to select a blazer made up of thin fabric that sits below your hips. You don’t pick bulky fabrics as this will give more width to the midsection. The straight-cut and unlined jacket will be the perfect one and enhance the definition at your waistline.

It is good to research about the recent blaze styles in online and select a perfect blazer that fits your body shape. You can also figure out the best online stores that sell trendy, quality blazers with offers. Apart from cotton and other fabric materials, you can also consider woven jacket for a relaxed shape. The lapel blazer will offer you thinner appearance and increase the definition of your waist.