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An Amazing Guide To Exotic Spain

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Spain is considered an exotic country in Europe because of its friendly people, relaxed lifestyle, exotic cuisine, vibrant nightlife and world famous folktales and festivities. Spain is one of the most beautiful and enchanting countries in Europe. It is a country of large geographical and cultural diversity.

As we travel north to south, east to west, we can see the dramatic changes from Snowy Mountain landscapes such as Pico’s de Europa, the Pyrenees to fabulous beaches to lush green fjords such as Galicia and to arid deserts such as Canary Island. The club la costa travel centre review gives you great ideas to have enchanting and exotic experience in Spain. is the ultimate portal for your stay in Spain.

Popular places to visit are
· Costa Blanca-beaches and villages
· Costa Brava – seaside resorts
· Costa Del Sol – sunny coasts in the south
· Gran Canaria – many different climates and landscapes
· Ibiza-island noted for nightlife
· La Rioja – fossiled dinosaur tracks and Rioja wine
· Mallorca-amazing beaches and nightlife
· Sierra Nevada-mountain
· Tenerife-lush forests, exotic fauna and flora, deserts, mountains, volcanoes, beautiful coastlines and spectacular beaches.

Spanish Architecture is as varied and unique as its scenery. Many towns like Lugo, Toledo, Tarragona have roman remains. In Zaragoza, a city in north-eastern Spain, we see a mix of Moorish and Christian Architecture called Mudejar. Barcelona with its medieval Bari Gotic neighborhood is renowned for art Nouveau Architecture. In the south, we can see a lot of Moorish architecture such as Alahabara palace and Mesquite in Cordoba.

Most popular cities in Spain are
· Madrid – the vibrant capital, with fantastic museums, architecture.
· Barcelona – Spain’s second largest city with a vibrant culture and modernist building and beaches.
· Bilbao – An industrial city and home to Guggenheim museum
· Cadiz – an old city which celebrates world-famous carnivals.
· Granada – Snow capped mountains of Serra Nevada, home of La Alhambra
· Seville – Home to the third largest Cathedral
· Valencia – the Nice beach where the exotic dish Paella was invented.
· Zaragoza – Fifth largest city
· Almeria – Best beaches

Traveling through Villages and Towns
One of the best ways to experience the beauty of Spain is through its villages and towns. It has so many beautiful and quaint villages which haven’t changed since they were built. When we travel through the countryside without taking the motorways we will feel like we are time traveling back to the medieval era. Some of the beautiful villages of Spain are Pedraza, Cadaques, Ciudad Rodrigo, Ronda, Combarro.

World Heritage Sites
Spain has an amazing historic legacy like roman amphitheaters, medieval walls, gothic cathedrals, Renaissance palaces. After Italy, Spain has more UNESCO world heritage sites. At present, it has 44 recognized sites. It ranks third in the world. Some of them are Aqueduct of Segovia, Santa Maria del Naranco, Cathedral of Burgos, Aljaferia of Zaragoza, the old town of Caceres and Abstract Art of Museum in Hanging houses of Cuenca.

Running of the Bull
The Running of the Bulls is a practice in Spain, which involves running in front of a group of bulls that have been let loose on the town’s street. The most famous of the Running of the bulls are at the Pamplona in honor Saint Fermin which must see in Spain.
Spain is well connected by Planes, trains and buses and boats.

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