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BlogIf you have been thinking on the lines of starting a blog, then there are quite many things which you need to be aware of. You may follow these tips and suggestions to save your energy and time. The best way to start a blog is by getting a blog host and domain name from BlueHost, after that you may have to get WordPress installed as your platform for blogging.

Once you decide on that, you will have to set goals that are long term and short so that you would feel motivated to continue. Then you can select a theme and finalise other elements of branding including your logo and color palette. It would be wiser to add an option for email subscription, so that your followers would get to read it regularly. Then remember to write contents which are interesting and helpful to people.

Now let us take a detail look at how to start your own blog and what all resources you can put to use, in order to make it popular.The best option for starting is having your own host and set up a blog. Because many users have found that even though blogs like Blogger and Tumblr are free, they lack the branding options, ownership and control which the former provides. Try to employ a lot of visual content, if you are not a photo person you should reconsider. As people are most attracted by visual journalism and when they find attractive pictures, they would automatically be tempted to read and subscribe.

If you do not like or are bad at photography, it is a good idea to be a member of photo sites that offer good quality pictures which you can use after getting an attribution license. Some of such sites are Gratisography and Dreamstime. The importance of visual content has been on rage and is increasing in its popularity. Even research shows that all the social networking sites (such as Google+, Facebook) favour pictures over text and don’t forget about the networking sites that are purely based on images (Pinterest). So it is vital for you to work with images and photos.

Another important step which you have to do is to create an email list. This would enable you to easily get into the inboxes of people leading to increased traffic, whenever you have something new. This would also enhance sales from your readers, with the promotion or launching of a new product (or affiliated product) too. Another important reason which makes it essential to have your own email list is because Google cannot be always banked on for bringing in the required traffic as the social networking sites might change their policies frequently and cannot be trusted as the only source.

Most often bloggers ignore the importance of analysing competition before writing and creating their posts and blogs. But it is extremely important to be aware of the competition that exists in the industry, as there might be many blogs and posts which are extremely similar to yours. So it is vital for you to do research and find out in order to perfect your blog and ensure its wide reach.